The Aristotle GraphQL API


The Aristotle GraphQL API provides read access to system data through the use of GraphQL queries. See for more information

You can test it out in GraphiQL by visiting https:/<your_site>/api/graphql

Usage from external applications

To query GraphQL from external applications you should use the https:/<your_site>/api/graphql/json endpoint. You can use a GET request with the query and optional JSON encoded variables parmaters for example:

https:/<your_site>/api/graphql/json?query={metadata{edges{node{uuid}}}}&variables=” optional JSON encoded variables “

Or you can make a POST request with either JSON or direct GraphQL. JSON must be submitted with the application/json content type and be in the following form with variables being optional.

    "query": ...
    "variables": { ... }

To submit a query directly you can use the application/graphql content type, although you will not be able to provide variables, making JSON the preferred method.

The response (from either a GET or POST request) will be JSON in the form {"data": { ... }} if the query was successful or {"errors": [ ... ]} if there was an error.


By default the GraphQL endpoint will provide only public content. To access private content a token must be provided in the Authorization header in the form Token mytoken. These tokens can be created from the token management page accessible from /api/