The Aristotle Metadata Internal REST API

The Internal Aristotle Metadata REST API is designed to support the development of advanced interactivity within the user interface Aristotle Metadata Registry. It is build to support advanced editing, asynchonous tasks, and site configuration. To ensure that these user facing tools are operational

Sometimes actions from the Internal API will be transitioned to the Public API, and documented in both sections during the transition.


The Internal API is not versioned, and as the registry user interface evolves it may change without warning. You are welcome to build using the internal API, but be warned that your integrations may break suddenly and without warning.

Advanced usage of the Internal API

The Internal API operates similarly to the Public REST API. So for information on the folowing topics refer to the documentation for the Public REST API:

  • Authentication and authorization
  • Anonymous access
  • Pagination
  • Status codes & errors