Including extra content on pages

Often when adding new content types there will be references to pre-existing items which may need to be shown on an existing page. While it’s possible to completely override a template it can be easier to simply declare any “extra content” in a special template that Aristotle will then include when rendering the main template. This can be very advantageous when an extension is designed to be included on a site alongside other extensions.

To do this, all that needs to be done is to include a directory path extra_content under the template path for your extension. If an entry for the extension has been included in the Aristotle settings, the main will then look in this directory for templates with the same name as the currently rendered content type.

For example, the comet extension defines an Indicator content type that has multiple references to DataElement items. Rather than redefine the aristotle/concept/dataElement.html template, it defines an extra_content template.

Templates for comet content types are included under templates/comet/. Under this directory there is a further path extra_content, so by creating a file named dataElement.html we can create a template for including extra relationship details.

This will then be rendered in the “Related content” section of the page.

The full path for a generic extra content template, would be: