Source code for

Aristotle Help models

from django.apps import apps
from django.db import models
from django.core.exceptions import ValidationError
from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _
from django.conf.global_settings import LANGUAGES
from aristotle_mdr.models import RichTextField
from model_utils.models import TimeStampedModel
from autoslug import AutoSlugField

[docs]class HelpBase(TimeStampedModel): """ The base help class for Aristotle help pages. """ slug = AutoSlugField(populate_from='title') app_label = models.CharField( max_length=256, null=True, blank=True, help_text=_('Add an app for app specific help, required for concept help') ) title = models.TextField( help_text=_("A short title for the help page") ) body = RichTextField( null=True, blank=True, help_text=_("A long help definition for an object or topic") ) language = models.CharField( max_length=7, choices=LANGUAGES ) is_public = models.BooleanField( default=True, help_text=_("Indicates if a help topic is available to non-registered users."), ) unique_together = ("app_label", "title", "language")
[docs]class HelpPage(HelpBase): """ A help page is a generic way of providing help to a user on a topic. """ class Meta: ordering = ('title',)
[docs]class ConceptHelp(HelpBase): """ A Concept help page documents a given model that inherits from an 11179 concept. """ class Meta: ordering = ('concept_type', 'app_label') concept_type = models.CharField(max_length=256) brief = models.TextField( help_text=_("A short description of the concept") ) official_definition = models.TextField( null=True, blank=True, help_text=_("An official description of the concept, e.g. the ISO/IEC definition for an Object Class") ) official_reference = models.TextField( null=True, blank=True, help_text=_("The reference document that describes this concept type") ) official_link = models.TextField( null=True, blank=True, help_text=_("An link to an official source for a description of the concept") ) creation_tip = RichTextField( null=True, blank=True, help_text=_("Instructions for creating good content of this type") ) unique_together = ("app_label", "concept_type", "language") def natural_key(self): return (self.app_label, self.concept_type, self.language) def get_app(self): return apps.get_app_config(self.app_label) def get_model(self): from django.contrib.contenttypes.models import ContentType return ContentType.objects.get( app_label=self.app_label, model=self.concept_type ).model_class() def validate_unique(self, exclude=None): qs = ConceptHelp.objects.exclude( app_label=self.app_label, concept_type=self.concept_type, language=self.language) if qs.exists(): raise ValidationError('App / Concept / Language must be unique per site') def save(self): self.validate_unique() if not self.app_label: raise ValidationError('ConceptHelp must have an app') self.title = _("Help for concept type %s") % self.get_model()._meta.verbose_name super().save()